Advanced SEO Strategies

4 Advanced SEO Strategies For More Traffic And Leads

Are you planning your SEO strategy for 2017? If you have already covered the basics, then it’s time to dig a little deeper and address any potential issues that may be harming your rankings. This may require a lot of time investment, but if you want to generate more traffic and leads, it’s something you should be willing to do. Here are some advanced SEO techniques you can implement right now.

Site Speed Optimization

In case you didn’t know, site speed plays an essential role in how well you rank. All things being equal, a website that loads faster will rank higher than another website with terrible page load speed. For this reason, it’s recommended to optimize your site speed to achieve better organic rankings. Some of the things you can do include improving your browser caching, reducing the size of images, and using a reliable hosting provider.

Effective Link Building

Creating links should always have a prominent role in your SEO strategy. However, this is also the area where many online marketers get it wrong. You can no longer rely on automated tools to achieve first page rankings on Google. Instead, it’s worth taking the time to build relationships with other web-masters in your niche. And instead of simply relying on traditional blog posts to generate links, consider other kinds of content. For example, you can create infographics and share them to multiple platforms.

AMP Pages

Almost a year after its launch, it’s safe to say that Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is a huge success. An increasing number of publishers recognize the immense potential of AMP pages in improving traffic, engagement and conversions. What’s great is that you can get started with AMP content rather quickly. By producing webpages that load extremely fast on mobile devices, you give your visitors another reason to stay on your website instead of heading over to your competitors.

Voice Search

Many marketers believe that the use of voice search will only become more prevalent in 2017. 40% of US adults already use voice search, and this number will likely grow in the future. What you should realize is that the keywords used by voices searchers can be very different from those you see in keyword research tools. This is why you should explore new ways to find keywords that prospects use to find your products or services through voice search. You have to get a little creative instead of simply targeting the keywords churned out by your keyword tool. One company that excels at these strategies is

By employing these advanced SEO in Victoria British Columbia strategies, you should be able to make the necessary improvements for your website and put it in the best position to reach the top spot for your target keyword. As always, these techniques require time and effort. By equipping yourself with fresh SEO knowledge, you are sure to gain an edge over the competition. Be sure to thoroughly plan your SEO strategy and explore effective techniques to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Social Media

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